Ways to Engage

For states

Here is a brief video introduction to NCI-AD.

New states are welcome to join NCI-AD at any time. New states enter a technical assistance year that runs between 6 months to one year before beginning formal data collection. The survey cycle run from July 1 to June 30.

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After joining NCI-AD: What to Know

NCI-AD Basics

This document provides information for participating states on the logistics of the project.  It summarizes the data collection requirements (sample size, timeframe, etc.), surveyor training, survey administration and reporting. 

Planning Guide

This guide outlines critical components and questions the NCI-AD state project team should address as they plan for survey implementation e.g. which populations to include in sample, interviewer information, funding mechanisms.


For advocates


For researchers

Research using NCI-AD data and materials may be conducted by approved universities, governmental agencies, and private organizations. Research activities must be consistent with the NCI mission, goals and guiding principles; must model positive practice; and must steer decision-making toward areas of exploration that: (a) are relevant to the lives of older adults and people with physical disabilities, (b) demonstrate respect for the independence and individuality of people receiving support, (c) result in the development of practical information and instrumentation that can be used by member state agency officials to improve services and supports, and (d) contribute to the quality of the knowledgebase on community supports furnished to people receiving services.

It is the policy of HSRI and ADvancing States to encourage research that generates empirically sound knowledge and evidence with the potential of improving the quality and outcomes of services furnished to older adults and people with disabilities by publicly financed service delivery systems. The policies and procedures related to sharing NCI-AD data and materials seek to promote the investigation of issues that lead to improvements in the lives of older adults and people with physical disabilities while safeguarding each person’s right to privacy, confidentiality and the protection of personal information.

To request use of NCI-AD materials and/or datasets, researchers must review documented policies and procedures and complete a request and use agreement.