Current Reports

2019-2020 NCI-AD Reports

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2019-2020 Adult Consumer Survey (ACS) data collection period was unexpectedly abbreviated. States that were still surveying stopped data collection in March 2020. Since states were in various stages of data collection, some demographics – including program populations – may not be fully represented for all states. Data presented in these reports should not be used as a true comparison between programs or states this year or in previous years. An NCI-AD National Report was not produced for the 2019-2020 survey year and states were provided the option to have their state-specific report publicly posted.

2019-2020 individual state reports:

      Indiana-specific 2019-2020 results: NCI-AD 2019-2020 IN state report

      Nebraska-specific 2019-2020 results: NCI-AD 2019-2020 NE state report

      Colorado-specific 2019-2020 results: NCI-AD 2019-2020 CO state report

      Delaware-specific 2019-2020 results: NCI-AD 2019-2020 DE state report

      Kansas-specific 2019-2020 results: NCI-AD 2019-2020 KS state report

      New Jersey-specific 2019-202 results: NCI-AD 2019-2020 NJ state report

      Ohio-specific 2019-2020 results: NCI-AD 2019-2020 OH state report

      Texas-specific 2019-2020 results: NCI-AD 2019-2020 TX state report

      South Dakota-specific 2019-2020 results: NCI-AD 2019-2020 SD state report

      Wisconsin-specific 2019-2020 results: NCI-AD 2019-2020 WI state report