2019-2020 NCI-AD Reports

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the 2019-2020 Adult Consumer Survey (ACS) data collection period was unexpectedly abbreviated. States that were still surveying stopped data collection in March 2020. Since states were in various stages of data collection, some demographics – including program populations – may not be fully represented for all states. Data presented in these reports should not be used as a true comparison between programs or states this year or in previous years. An NCI-AD National Report was not produced for the 2019-2020 survey year and states were provided the option to have their state-specific report publicly posted.

2019-2020 individual state reports:

      Indiana-specific 2019-2020 results: NCI-AD 2019-2020 IN state report

      Nebraska-specific 2019-2020 results: NCI-AD 2019-2020 NE state report

      Colorado-specific 2019-2020 results: NCI-AD 2019-2020 CO state report

      Delaware-specific 2019-2020 results: NCI-AD 2019-2020 DE state report

      Kansas-specific 2019-2020 results: NCI-AD 2019-2020 KS state report

      New Jersey-specific 2019-202 results: NCI-AD 2019-2020 NJ state report

      Ohio-specific 2019-2020 results: NCI-AD 2019-2020 OH state report

      Texas-specific 2019-2020 results: NCI-AD 2019-2020 TX state report

      South Dakota-specific 2019-2020 results: NCI-AD 2019-2020 SD state report

      Wisconsin-specific 2019-2020 results: NCI-AD 2019-2020 WI state report


2018-2019 NCI-AD Reports


Sixteen states collected data in the 2018-2019 cycle of NCI-AD Adult Consumer Survey.  Below are the individual state reports, as well as the 2018-2019 NCI-AD National Report containing all sixteen states.

2018-2019 NCI-AD Snapshot!:

The Snapshot! includes select outcomes from the 2018-19 NCI-AD National Report in a short, simple format that can easily be shared. All of the information presented can also be found in the full report. Snapshots! will be posted on an annual basis.

            2018-2019 NCI-AD Snapshot! 

2018-2019 NCI-AD National Report:

            NCI-AD 2018-2019 National Results Part 1

            NCI-AD 2018-2019 National Results Part 2

2018-2019 individual state reports:

      Alabama-specific 2018-2019 results: NCI-AD 2018-2019 AL state report

      Colorado-specific 2018-2019 results: NCI-AD 2018-2019 CO state report

      Georgia-specific 2018-2019 results: NCI-AD 2018-2019 GA state report

      Indiana-specific 2018-2019 results: NCI-AD 2018-2019 IN state report

      Kansas-specific 2018-2019 results: NCI-AD 2018-2019 KS state report

      Minnesota-specific 2018-2019 results: NCI-AD 2018-2019 MN state report

      Missouri-specific 2018-2019 results: NCI-AD 2018-2019 MO state report

      Nebraska-specific 2018-2019 results: NCI-AD 2018-2019 NE state report

      New Jersey-specific 2018-2019 results: NCI-AD 2018-2019 NJ state report

      Ohio-specific 2018-2019 results: NCI-AD 2018-2019 OH state report

      South Dakota-specific 2018-19 results: NCI-AD 2018-2019 SD state report

      Tennessee-specific 2018-2019 results: NCI-AD 2018-2019 TN state report

      Utah-specific 2018-2019 results: NCI-AD 2018-2019 UT state report

      Vermont-specific 2018-2019 results: NCI-AD 2018-2019 VT state report

      Washingon-specific 2018-2019 results: NCI-AD 2018-2019 WA state report

      Wisconsin-specific 2018-2019 results: NCI-AD 2018-2019 WI state report


2017-2018 NCI-AD Reports

Sixteen states collected data in the 2017-2018 cycle of NCI-AD Adult Consumer Survey.  Below are the individual state reports, as well as the 2017-2018 NCI-AD National Report containing all sixteen states.

2017-2018 NCI-AD National Report

            NCI-AD 2017-2018 National Results Part 1

            NCI-AD 2017-2018 National Results Part 2

2017-2018 individual state reports:

      Colorado-specific 2017-2018 results: NCI-AD 2017-2018 CO state report

      Delaware-specific 2017-2018 results: NCI-AD 2017-2018 DE state report

      Georgia-specific 2017-2018 results: NCI-AD 2017-2018 GA state report

      Indiana-specific 2017-2018 results: NCI-AD 2017-2018 IN state report

      Kansas-specific 2017-2018 results: NCI-AD 2017-2018 KS state report

      Minnesota-specific 2017-2018 results: NCI-AD 2017-2018 MN state report

      Mississippi-specific 2017-2018 results: NCI-AD 2017-2018 MS state report

      Nebraska-specific 2017-2018 results: NCI-AD 2017-2018 NE state report

      Nevada-specific 2017-2018 results: NCI-AD 2017-2018 NV state report

      New Jersey-specific 2017-2018 results: NCI-AD 2017-2018 NJ state report

      Ohio-specific 2017-2018 results: NCI-AD 2017-2018 OH state report

      Oregon-specific 2017-2018 results: NCI-AD 2017-2018 OR state report

      Tennessee-specific 2017-2018 results: NCI-AD 2017-2018 TN state report

      Texas-specific 2017-2018 results: NCI-AD 2017-2018 TX state report

      Vermont-specific 2017-2018 results: NCI-AD 2017-2018 VT state report

      Wisconsin-specific 2017-2018 results: NCI-AD 2017-2018 WI state report


2016-2017 NCI-AD Reports

Twelve states collected data in the 2016-2017 cycle of NCI-AD Adult Consumer Survey.  Below are the individual state reports, as well as the 2016-2017 NCI-AD National Report containing all twelve states.

2016-2017 NCI-AD National Report

       NCI-AD Adult Consumer Survey: 2016-2017 National Results

2016-2017 individual state reports:

      Colorado-specific 2016-17 results: NCI-AD 2016-2017 CO state report

      Indiana-specific 2016-17 results: NCI-AD 2016-2017 IN state report

      Kansas-specific 2016-17 results: NCI-AD 2016-2017 KS state report

      Maine-specific 2016-17 results: NCI-AD 2016-2017 ME state report

      Minnesota-specific 2016-17 results: NCI-AD 2016-2017 MN state report

      Mississippi-specific 2016-17 results: NCI-AD 2016-2017 MS state report

      Nevada-specific 2016-17 results: NCI-AD 2016-2017 NV state report

      New Jersey-specific 2016-17 results: NCI-AD 2016-2017 NJ state report

      Ohio-specific 2016-17 results: NCI-AD 2016-2017 OH state report

      Oregon-specific 2016-17 results: NCI-AD 2016-2017 OR state report

      Pennsylvania-specific 2016-17 results: NCI-AD 2016-2017 PA state report

      Tennessee-specific 2016-17 results: NCI-AD 2016-2017 TN state report


2015-2016 NCI-AD Reports

Thirteen states participated in the 2015-2016 NCI-AD Adult Consumer Survey. There were two rounds of data analysis in 2015-2016 - one for six states who opted for a rapid-cycle data collection period (CO, GA, ME, MS, NJ, and NC), and one for seven states who selected the regular-cycle collection period.  Below are the 2015-2016 NCI-AD National Report containing all thirteen states, the 2015-2016 Six State Mid-Year Report, containing results from rapid-cycle states, as well as the individual state reports.

2015-2016 NCI-AD National Report

      NCI-AD Adult Consumer Survey: 2015-2016 National Results

2015-2016 NCI-AD Six State Mid-Year Report

      NCI-AD Adult Consumer Survey: 2015-2016 Six State Mid-Year Report

2015-2016 individual state reports, regular data collection cycle:

      Delaware-specific 2015-16 results: NCI-AD 2015-2016 DE state report

      Indiana-specific 2015-16 results: NCI-AD 2015-2016 IN state report

      Kansas-specific 2015-16 results: NCI-AD 2015-2016 KS state report

      Minnesota-specific 2015-16 results: NCI-AD 2015-2016 MN state report

      Ohio-specific 2015-16 results: NCI-AD 2015-2016 OH state report

      Tennessee-specific 2015-16 results: NCI-AD 2015-2016 TN state report

      Texas-specific 2015-16 results: NCI-AD 2015-2016 TX state report

2015-2016 individual state reports, rapid data collection cycle:

      Colorado-specific 2015-16 results: NCI-AD 2015-2016 CO state report

      Georgia-specific 2015-16 results: NCI-AD 2015-2016 GA state report

      Maine-specific 2015-16 results: NCI-AD 2015-2016 ME state report

      Mississippi-specific 2015-16 results: NCI-AD 2015-2016 MS state report

      North Carolina-specific 2015-16 results: NCI-AD 2015-2016 NC state report

      New Jersey-specific 2015-16 results: NCI-AD 2015-2016 NJ state report


2014 NCI-AD Final Pilot Results

This report details the results of a three-state pilot of the NCI-AD Consumer Survey conducted during 2014.  During the pilot phase of the project, states’ samples included older adults and individuals with physical disabilities accessing Medicaid waivers, Medicaid state plan programs, and/or state-funded programs, as well as older adults served by Older Americans Act programs.  

      Final Pilot Results