2019 - 2020 Reports

2019 - 2020 NCI-AD Reports

The COVID-19 pandemic led to an early cessation of the 2019-2020 Adult Consumer Survey (ACS) data collection. States actively collecting data halted their efforts in March 2020. Given that states were at different stages in their data collection process, some demographics, including program populations, may not be fully represented across all states. Consequently, data from these reports should not be used for accurate comparisons among programs or states for this survey year or against previous years. Additionally, no National Report for the NCI-AD was produced for the 2019-2020 survey year. States were given the option to decide whether their state-specific reports would be publicly available.

2019-2020 individual state reports:

Indiana: NCI-AD 2019-2020 IN state report
Nebraska: NCI-AD 2019-2020 NE state report
Colorado: NCI-AD 2019-2020 CO state report
Delaware: NCI-AD 2019-2020 DE state report
Kansas: NCI-AD 2019-2020 KS state report
New Jersey: NCI-AD 2019-2020 NJ state report
Ohio: NCI-AD 2019-2020 OH state report
Texas: NCI-AD 2019-2020 TX state report
South Dakota: NCI-AD 2019-2020 SD state report
Wisconsin: NCI-AD 2019-2020 WI state report