2018 - 2019 Reports

2018-2019 NCI-AD Reports

Sixteen states collected data in the 2018-2019 cycle of NCI-AD Adult Consumer Survey.  Below are the individual state reports, as well as the 2018-2019 NCI-AD National Report containing all sixteen states.

2018-2019 NCI-AD Snapshot!:

The Snapshot! includes select outcomes from the 2018-19 NCI-AD National Report in a short, simple format that can easily be shared. All of the information presented can also be found in the full report. Snapshots! will be posted on an annual basis.

            2018-2019 NCI-AD Snapshot! 

2018-2019 NCI-AD National Report:

            NCI-AD 2018-2019 National Results Part 1

            NCI-AD 2018-2019 National Results Part 2

2018-2019 individual state reports:

      Alabama-specific 2018-2019 results: NCI-AD 2018-2019 AL state report

      Colorado-specific 2018-2019 results: NCI-AD 2018-2019 CO state report

      Georgia-specific 2018-2019 results: NCI-AD 2018-2019 GA state report

      Indiana-specific 2018-2019 results: NCI-AD 2018-2019 IN state report

      Kansas-specific 2018-2019 results: NCI-AD 2018-2019 KS state report

      Minnesota-specific 2018-2019 results: NCI-AD 2018-2019 MN state report

      Missouri-specific 2018-2019 results: NCI-AD 2018-2019 MO state report

      Nebraska-specific 2018-2019 results: NCI-AD 2018-2019 NE state report

      New Jersey-specific 2018-2019 results: NCI-AD 2018-2019 NJ state report

      Ohio-specific 2018-2019 results: NCI-AD 2018-2019 OH state report

      South Dakota-specific 2018-19 results: NCI-AD 2018-2019 SD state report

      Tennessee-specific 2018-2019 results: NCI-AD 2018-2019 TN state report

      Utah-specific 2018-2019 results: NCI-AD 2018-2019 UT state report

      Vermont-specific 2018-2019 results: NCI-AD 2018-2019 VT state report

      Washingon-specific 2018-2019 results: NCI-AD 2018-2019 WA state report

      Wisconsin-specific 2018-2019 results: NCI-AD 2018-2019 WI state report