The Survey

NCI-AD Adult Consumer SurveyTM is a copyrighted tool.  Please contact the project staff if interested in exact survey structure or phrasing of the questions. 

Comparison of NCI-AD™ Adult Consumer Survey and HCBS CAHPS® Survey

This document summarizes key differences and similarities between the NCI-AD Adult Consumer Survey and the HCBS CAHPS® Survey.  

NCI-AD Survey Domains and Indicators

This document provides a detailed list of NCI-AD indicators grouped by domain.

NCI-AD Indicators aligned with NCI™ Indicators

This document provides a crosswalk of NCI-AD Indicators that match Indicators from the National Core Indicators (NCI) Adult Consumer Survey.  For more information about the NCI project, go to

NCI-AD Performance Indicators: A Crosswalk to HCBS Settings Requirements 

This document identifies NCI-AD survey data useful for evaluating system-wide compliance across a number of the new HCBS setting expectations. 

NCI-AD Performance Indicators: A Quality Improvement Tool for Person-Centereed Service Planning

This tool identifies NCI-AD data useful for quality management activity related to a person-centered service delivery system.