Implementation Guides

NCI-AD Basics

This document provides information for participating states on the logistics of the project.  It summarizes the data collection requirements (sample size, timeframe, etc.), surveyor training, survey administration and reporting. 

Planning Guide

This guide outlines critical components and questions the NCI-AD state project team should address as they plan for survey implementation e.g. which populations to include in sample, interviewer information, funding mechanisms.

Guide for states implementing both NCI-AD and NCI-IDD In-Person Survey

This guide contains information that may be helpful to states that are implementing both NCI-AD and National Core Indicators - Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities (NCI-IDD) In-Person Survey (IPS).  It contains a summary of initiative parallels as well as survey and implementation similarities.  For more information about the NCI initiatives, go to

Memorandum of Agreement

This document sets forth the responsibilities of the NCI-AD Project Team and the Participating States, and is signed each year of the project.